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The Lump Head Story 1995 - 2004 


   It was 1995, and Lump Head Studio started life in the basement of a 1930's White Center residence. Supporting beams hung low at 5 and 1/2 feet, insuring that you would smack your head at least once per visit. As bands came and went, The studio was nicknamed "The Lump" as each band member learned the painful lesson of walking hunched over, after smacking their head of course. Hence the name Lump Head Studio.


  The setup back then was a well worn Fostex E-16 Deck, mixed and run through an ugly Eurodesk, with analog and early digital outboard processing, all mixed down to a Sony DTC-2000ES DAT recorder. It was 1995, remember!


  Over a hundred bands came through Lump Head Studio from 1995 - 2004. Most of the bands you probably never heard of, but they included members of The Crawdaddies, The Squirrels, Sister Psychic, Radio Nationals and the Gerald Collier band.


  Los Gatos Locos recorded and mixed the tracks that would be released as the Juvenile Delinquent 7" single vinyl release, and the Pyschobillyun Baptism! CD, both on Tombstone UK. The Pyschobillyun Baptism! CD went on to sell over 36,000 copies world wide.


  Little Champions recorded and mixed the tracks that would be released as Pillow on barsuk records.


  After multiple basement floodings and a near fatal dirt bike crash in the summer of 2004, Lump Head Studio went on hiatus...


Re Established 2015!


  Fast foward to today, the Lump returns stronger than ever.  Now located in a spacious converted horse barn in rural Enumclaw, with a 24 foot, acoustically correct slanting ceiling, and a viewing loft for groupies! The name remains the same, just no more low hanging beams to inflict pain. Call me a sadist, but I think I'm going to miss that part!


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