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Lump Head Studio is a professional recording studio located in rural Enumclaw, WA, featuring modern digital tools.

Music is our passion -- we focus on making a big sound in a relaxed setting.

STUDIO TIME: $35 per hour (Engineer incl.)

  This is the most important step in the process of creating a well-produced recording. My job is to coax and encourage the best performance you can do. I will solo out individual tracks, look you in the eye, and ask "Are you sure you want to keep this? Maybe we should try one more take." Let's make great music together!

MIXING TIME: $45 per hour (Engineer incl.)

  This is where the fun starts! Are we looking for a dry, raw sound, or a shiny, glossy mega-produced mixdown? Either way, Lump Head Studio has the tools needed: track automation, drum and/or instrument replacements or doubling. If your brain can think it, we can do it right here!

MASTERING: $30 per song

  Mastering is the final step in producing a recording. This is the process of balancing the fequency response and levels of each song, relative to each other. The goal is a well-balanced mix of your songs. When playing your songs back-to-back, the levels, low-end punch, and high-end sizzle are consistent to the listeners' ears.

MUSIC PRODUCTION: Call for a Quote

  Are you a band or a one-man or -woman show that needs backing tracks created? With the NI Maschine controller and sound library, NI Massive synthesizer,  NI Komplete Sample suite and the Addictive Drum loop library of samples, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are looking for trip hop, EDM or a natural- sounding drums, bass and guitars - We can do it all!  

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