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  You should be comfortable and relaxed to lay down your best tracks. 


  Lump Head Studio is located on five Acres of rural property with a large, comfortable tracking space. Leave the hustle of the city behind you

so you can focus on your creation.


  Need a break from recording?


  How about a couple trips down the zip line or a scoot around on a mini bike!





State-of-the-Art Equipment

Experienced Engineer

Spacious, Relaxing Tracking Space with Top- Notch Acoustics

Unlimited Tracks Recording Capabilities!
Layer as many tracks as you want to fufill your musical needs.
16 Midas Preamps @ 32-bit 96 Khz  DAC Interface
 Plus 8 trs balanced inputs -- track as many as 24 tracks live, simultaneously.
Mixer? Where did it go?


  You may have noticed there is no physical mixer in the control room. Mixing in the virtual world allows instant saving and recalling of mixes. A-B comparisons quickly reveal the better mix, and greatly speeds up the process, which saves you $.


Microphones? Yes, we have microphones!



Large diaphragm condensers for warm vocals and guitars. Small diaphragm condensers for drum overheads. Hypercardioid dynamic microphones for drums.


Sonar Producer Platinum

  Used by major production houses as well as small fries like Lump Head Studio. Winner of SESAC Awards among others. It does it all -- if you can think it, we can

do it -- 'nuff said.


Always take breaks to reset your head!

  Ride the 200' zip line across the property. Scary at first, a blast to repeat!


  Scoot around on some dirt bikes  - don't crash!

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